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#17- Post #8 Revisited (Start Believin')

In post #8...I stumbled across criticisms that changed the way I have vaulted for years. What I had yet to stumble upon, was the confidence to use what I learned that day, everyday. Practice has been going great, I have been jumping so-so in my meets and started to understand what I have to do to jump higher. Surprisingly, it has very little to do with my physical ability and a lot to do with my attitude. Chris Smith is a believer, are you? If you aren't it is okay, because as long as I believe in myself, anything (everything) is possible (probable).

Real life example- At EIU last weekend, after I had told myself that I was going to jump 18, I jumped 18'. Of course it does not count because I did it over a 17'6" bungee in warm-up and a 16'6" bar in the meet. Either way, I was high enough to clear a bar at 18'. And yes...I am still at 8 lefts and 18' would be the first goal I have hit since 5 lefts. Home meet at the U of I...greatness here I come.

1/18- Pre-Meet Warmup; Ice Bath
1/19- EIU- 1st Place 5.05m, 8 Lefts, 115.5’, 16’ 20.0/20.8
1/20- OFF
1/21- Vault Day: 8 lefts, 115’, 26' Mid, 16’ 20.8, Grip 15', Bungee at 5.55m; Speed Plyos
1/22- Lift: 3 Lower-Body and 6 Upper-Body Exercises; 10x Pole Runs (line drills); 2x100m, 4x75m, 6x50m
1/23- Vault Day: 8 lefts, 115’, 16’ 22.1, Grip 15', Bar @ 5.20m (sore day)

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Anonymous said...

I'm a believer ;) Keep it goin Chris.