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G Movement: $1,165 Raised for charity w/ @acfusa @gatorade

-$1,165 RAISED TO DATE Please support #GMovement @acfusa + @gatorade blog.jumpchrisjump.com & click #GMovement link
-My favorite part about training is the challenge inherent in setting goals and seeing them through with hard work and training.
-The athlete who inspires me most is David Payne and Mary Wineberg, my college teammates who beat the odds to win Olympic medals.
-When I want to quit, my motivation to continue is all the people who have helped me realize my dreams along the way.
-To me, hunger means having needs but not having the means to fulfill them.
-Action Against Hunger has inspired me to continue to pursue my dreams, so I can help in the fight against hunger.
-My ideal vacation is sitting on the beach in Jamaica.


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